Street Fighter V New TV Commercial Shows Characters, Combos And More


Street Fighter V is launching in just a few weeks on PlayStation 4 and PC in all regions, and Capcom has been promoting the game with plenty of new material. A few hours ago a new Street Fighter V TV commercial has surfaced online, a commercial that will definitely make those anticipating the game even more excited for it.

The new Street Fighter V TV commercial is a 1 minute long video featuring a few gameplay sequences which showcase characters, combos and much more. Capcom's aiming to make Street Fighter V one of the most important esports games, and the publisher's focus on the matteris also made pretty evident by the new commercial. You can check out the new video right below.

Following Street Fighter V release, Capcom will be launching extra DLC characters throughout the year. These characters aren't the only additional fighters launching for the game, as the Japanese publisher will continue to support the game during 2017 and beyond. DLC characters launching during 2017 have yet to be revealed, but Capcom's Peter Rosas has recently shared more on how Capcom will decide on future DLC characters. Apparently popularity will not be the only criteria, as support from the community and fighting style will be important factors.

“I’d say the three qualities [in future fighters] we would be looking at are: is there enough support for the character if they’re returning,” said Rosas. “Do they represent a martial art that has never been present in a Street Fighter game and if so, what country does that style originate from; and lastly, what style [e.g. mid-range, grappler] do they fit into and is there an opportunity there?”

Street Fighter V will be released next month in all regions on PlayStation 4 and PC.