Street Fighter V Gets Individual Character Stories, Cinematic Expansion


If there's one thing Street Fighter fans have been waiting for, it's a deeper story. Personally, I can't wait to find out just what the hell is going on with Chun Li's thighs. Maybe that's something we'll discover when Street Fighter V is released later this year, with the announcement of individual character stories.

And while that's not something entirely new for the series, the second part of today's announcement is certainly something a little fresher. The latest game in the franchise will be getting a cinematic expansion later this year - free of charge - that will bridge the gap between Street Fighter IV and Street FIghter III.

Of course, as cinematic as Capcom claims it will be, it'll still be entirely action focussed in terms of gameplay, and rightfully so.

In a statement, Capcom highlighted the new unique mode.

The Street Fighter V cinematic story expansion will be released in June 2016 as a free update to all players. The story takes place between Street Fight IV and Street Fighter III and bridges the events that happen in between the two stories. This is the first time in franchise history that fans will be able to play through this type of cinematic story experience in a Street Fighter game.

On top of the story details, Capcom announced that a character will be available to purchase with in-game currency in March, with other available if your skill level is high enough.

Your final chance to check out the title ahead of its February release date will be during the last beta, which runs from January 30th to 31st.

Street Fighter V will release on February 16 for PlayStation 4 and PC.