How To – Stream Xbox One Games to Windows 10 Equipped PC’s

Windows 10 has been released for some time now, and it actually has provided quite the improvement over Windows 8.1 in terms of its user interface, user friendliness and general stability. It also brings with an improved repertoire of gaming capabilities. Not only does it have DirectX 12, but for those with an Xbox One, you can now stream any game to any Windows 10 equipped PC.

Streaming from the Xbox One to the PC has never been easier.

So why would you want to do such a thing? Quite frankly it could be useful for those times when only a single television is already in use by others in the household. What if you're sick, and you have your Windows 10 equipped laptop next to you, but the Xbox One is in another room, and you certainly don't want to get up, lest you make a terrible mess.

Perhaps it doesn't look like a feature you'd ever use, but it's strangely fun to do, and not at all a completely useless feature. It's not a terribly difficult process to go through, either. The video above will walk you through it, though the few simple steps are listed below as well.

Xbox One Game Streaming Steps

  1. Turn on Xbox One
    1. Navigate to settings
    2. Go to 'preferences'
      1. Turn on 'Allow game streaming to other devices (beta)'
  2. Start the game you want to stream
  3. On your Windows 10 PC; Find the Xbox One Smart Glass App
    1. Plug in your Xbox One controller to the PC
  4. Sign-In to the same Microsoft Account for your Xbox One
    1. Select 'Connect' on the left hand pane, second from the bottom
    2. Select your Xbox you'd like to connect to
  5. Hit the 'Stream' button

And that's that! It's as easy as pie. Just be advised that the quality will differ depending on your network connection and that it probably won't necessarily play at the native Xbox One resolution. That and you can only stream games, no other content because Microsoft isn't allowed to do so. So no streaming Netflix or other protected content to your PC.

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