Stop Facebook Videos from Playing with Sound in News Feed – Tutorial


Here's how you can stop Facebook videos from playing automatically with sound in News Feed on your iPhone or Android device.

Browse Facebook Silently & Prevent Videos to Play With Sound Automatically

Having pushed autoplaying videos into our News Feed quite some time back, Facebook saw it fit to make those videos play with sound by default as well. Apparently, after a 'positive' feedback from the community, this feature has been turned into a mainstream behavior. While it does raise our eyebrow as to why people even want videos to play with sound automatically in their News Feed, but thankfully, you can disable the feature and go back to how things were before this change.

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1. Launch the official Facebook for iOS or Android app from your home screen.

2. Now go to the app's settings page.

3. Over here, select Settings.

4. Now tap on Account Settings.

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5. Look for an option labeled Sounds. Tap on it as well.

6. Now disable the 'Videos in News Feed Start With Sound' option.

Note: Don't be surprised if you don't see the above option here as this feature is slowly rolling out to everyone the world over. Be patient, Facebook's latest set of shenanigans will be available to you sooner rather than later.

From here on in, videos will not play with sound in your News Feed. You have to tap on them to hear anything at all. Also, with the option turned off, you'll be pleased to learn that videos won't play with sound if your device is in silent mode. So basically, you can use your device's native silent features to control whether or not videos would play with sound or not. But if you forgot to put your phone in silent mode, then videos will blast out sound as soon as you come across them on the News Feed.

I personally would recommend disabling this feature as it can get annoying at times. After all, if you are going to indulge in a video then it feels proper to kick things off in a more formal manner, with you having to tap on the video to bring up the video player and take things off from there. At the end of the day, it's your choice which route you wish to take. If you feel positive about this feature, then it's best to leave it as is.

Do let us know in the comments section what you think about this new feature from Facebook.