Steve Jobs’ Handwritten Job Application From 1973 Sold at Auction for $222,400

Steve Jobs job application from 1973

Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs was known for his charismatic style and devotion. Anything related to the late CEO holds immense value to people around the world which includes a handwritten job application by Steve Jobs. Well, the job application sold for a whopping $222,400 in an auction that ran through February till today. Let's dive in to see some more details on the history of the job application by Steve Jobs and what value does it have to offer.

Job Application Filled by Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs Sold at Auction for $222,400

The job application was penned down by the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. The history and association of the things add to the value and the same can be said about this piece of paper. Steve Jobs reportedly completed the job application in 1973 after he was dropped out of Reed College. To be precise, it was more or less around a year before the late CEO took a job at Atari. This is where Jobs went Steve Wozniak which changed the course of technology that we use today. No one knows back then that the duo would create a company as remarkable as Apple.

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A single page signed job application from 1973 is being offered for sale by auction.

In the questionnaire Steve Jobs highlights his experience with "computers and calculators" and special abilities in "electronic tech or design engineer – digital".

The questionnaire is believed to have been completed around the time he dropped out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

A year later he joined Atari as a technician where he worked with Steve Wozniak before they founded Apple in 1976.

The application is in very good condition with some overall creasing, light staining and old clear tape to the top edge. It is accompanied by letters and certificates of authenticity.

Previously it was sold at auction in 2018 for over $175,000.

As mentioned earlier, the auction ran through February 24 and closed today. The job application by Steve Jobs is only a piece of paper but has a lot to tell. The document was previously sold in 2018 for $175,000. It highlights "English lit" as Job's major along with "electronic tech" and "design engineer" as special abilities. Furthermore, Steve Jobs also lists calculators and computers as his skills.

Steve Jobs job application from 1973

According to the listing, the job application by Steve Jobs is in very good condition. The document also comes with letters and certificates that denote its authenticity. This is not the first time that something related to Steve Jobs has gone up at auction at a crazy price.

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