SteelSeries: Starcraft II gaming gear

Recently we saw the launch of Razer's Starcraft II themed gear. Now Steelseries has joined the action with their gaming gear designed specifically for Starcraft II. The gaming peripherals will launch on the same day as Starcraft II.

The SteelSeries Limited Edition ZBoard will retail for $70. The gaming keyboard bundle includes the Zboard gaming keyboard as well as two sets of keys. There is a standard QWERTY keyset for everyday use and a special keyset for playing Starcraft II. The keyset allows users to issue in-game commands through "shortcut keys". All the keys are fully programmable through the Z Engine II software. The Zboard Keysets are also available separately for $25.

In addition to the Zboard, Steelseries has also announced two Starcraft II themed Limited Edition mouse pads. The Qck Tychus Findlay and Marauder which will sell for $15 each. The mouse pads are adorned with beautiful Starcraft II artwork. They are built with high quality materials that provide a smooth surface for gamers.


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