New SteelSeries Arctis 7+ Wireless Impressions – Improving Upon the Best

Aernout van de Velde
Steelseries Arctis 7+ Wireless usb-c multiplatform

Alongside the launch of the next-gen consoles back in November of 2020, SteelSeries launched its new Arctis 7 wireless headset line, including the 7X for Xbox and 7P for PlayStation. Recently, the brand released updated models in this line – the Arctis 7 + and 7P +.

The newly updated 7P+ for PS5 was already included in our best console headset list, and I now wanted to share my impressions of the regular new 7+ model. Whereas the Arctis 7 line was already expanded with the 7X and 7P in late 2020, the original 7 model dates from 2016. This new + model updates this legacy headset with features from the 7P+ model, including vastly improved battery life and USB-C fast charging. Another great new feature of the updated model is being able to connect to almost all devices that support USB-C. Whereas the original Arctis 7 was able to connect wirelessly through various devices through regular USB, it couldn’t connect wirelessly to mobile devices or the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. Similar to the updated Arctis 7X/7P and 7P+ models, the new 7+ connects wirelessly to basically anything that supports USB-C, including PC, Mac, PS4/PS5, Switch, and Android devices, thereby making the 7+ one of the most versatile wireless headset offerings.

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Like the original Arctis 7 and new models, the 7+ offers a great sound experience across a broad spectrum and brings great comfort, even during longer gaming sessions. There are few headsets out there that can rival the comfort that SteelSeries’ Arctis line offers.

The new Arctis 7+ supports USB-C charging.

Unlike the 7P+, the new 7+ only comes in a black design, and whereas the 7P is specifically designed for use on PlayStation 5, the 7+ is more geared towards use on PC. However, it also works flawlessly on PC, Mac, PS4/PS5, Switch, and Android devices.

Like its PlayStation counterpart, the 7+ offers over 30 hours of use on a single charge, and USB-C charging provides enough juice for roughly 3 hours in 15 minutes. As for the main difference between the 7+ and new 7P+, aside from it only being available in black, it is that the 7+ is equipped with an on-ear ChatMix wheel. In contrast, SteelSeries has opted for a sidetone dial (mic monitoring) on the 7P+.

The new Arctis 7+ (just like the 7P+) is one of the best wireless offerings on the market in this segment – it offers excellent sound and build quality combined with outstanding comfort and support for numerous platforms.

The Arctis SteelSeries 7+ is available for $169.99 in the US and €199.99 in Europe. For a more thorough review of the headset's comfort, sound quality, and more, I suggest reading our review of the Arctis SteelSeries 7X. A part of this review has been included below:

"What would happen if the amazing Arctis 1 Wireless and the already splendid Arctis 7 decided to have a baby? Exactly – a love child in the form of the Arctis 7X. SteelSeries’ offering is simply the best multiplatform wireless headset that is currently on the market. As a matter of fact – I haven’t come across any other wireless headsets that are compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Android, and the Nintendo Switch in portable mode. Those playing on multiple devices simples can’t go wrong with the Arctis 7X."

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