SteelSeries Launches NP+ at CES 2010

Omer Saleem

SteelSeries has always been a step ahead of the game for the gamers by introducing innovative and breakthrough products. 2010 started with the same enthusiasm and goal to stay on top of their game. Today at CES 2010 SteelSeries unveiled their latest offering in gaming mouse surfaces, NP+.

The latest mouse pad comes with a newer fabric design for the gamers to obtain maximum surface grip with minimum effort. The specifications are:

- Material: Compressed fiber with rubber base
- Dimensions: 450 x 400 x 4 mm / 17.7 x 15.7 x 0.16 in
- Size: XXL
- Glide: Rough
- Compatibility: Optical, laser, ball


The pressure compressed fibers allows for extreme durability making it water and most-stain resistant. Unlike any other surface that SteelSeries offers, the SteelSeries NP+ is specifically targeted for gamers that prefer a medium to rough glide and higher level of mouse to surface friction. Regardless of their preference, users can effectively operate an optical or laser mouse on the 17.7 x 15.7 surface. Its non-slip rubber base provides a firm grip and prevents the pad from sliding no matter what surface the SteelSeries NP+ is placed on.

In the unveiling ceremony the company CEO, Bruce Hawver, said;

We work with a number of professional gamers that have a wide assortment of preferences when it comes to the surface they're playing on or the level of glide and friction they prefer. The SteelSeries NP+ was designed for those that prefer a rough glide and large area surface. The water and stain resistant material makes this surface, our most unique textile mousepad.

SteelSeries NP+ Mousepad will be available at leading online retailers with an MSRP of EUR 24,99 beginning in March 2010.

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