Stay Organized with Pagico 7 OS X and Windows Planner – 70% Off


Too much data to manage? Endless number of rows are freaking you out? How about a helpful assistant that intelligently transforms data into human friendly flow charts? Everything suddenly starts making sense when converted into charts. Get Pagico 7 and let it assist you by turning all your tasks, notes and projects into beautiful and interactive flowcharts. Easily see the trends and information from your work projected into helpful and easy-on-the-eyes graphs.

pagico 7

Magic assistant, Pagico 7 now available only for $15:

In today’s digital world, there’s simply too much out there trying to distract you from what’s important—until now. Pagico is a one-stop app that helps turn all of your tasks, notes, and projects into beautiful interactive flowcharts. They’ll keep you in check so you can get things done in a much more effective manner. Plan better, organize smarter, and watch your productivity level reach new heights like never before.

  • Easily browse all your data & archive old info to reduce clutter
  • Instantly turn lists into flowcharts
  • Visualize your workload
  • Easily track your task deadlines & progress
  • Find & group your data automatically based on tags & keywords
  • Access your essential data anywhere

No matter what you are working on, get organized instantly with Pagico's magic! The helpful app is now available with a 70% discount, only for $15! Go to Wccftech Deals and transform your life by introducing this productivity booster magic app.


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • Windows Vista or later
  • Ubuntu (64-bit) 14.04 or later