If You Are Looking For A Good Productivity App Then Check Out This List Of Android Apps

Productivity app

Smart phones can often complicate our lives if not used correctly. If you become addicted to social media apps and other forms of entertainment you may never be able to get your work done. Many apps have been created over time that are supposed to make our lives easier by saving time and simplifying complicated tasks. I checked out various productivity apps in the past few days; some were very vastly used and some so bad that I wanted to chuck my phone in the bin. Each productivity app has unique features but I have compiled a list of my favorite productivity apps.
We all know the usual ones, Microsoft apps (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Adobe apps etc. This list will not talk about them as most people already use these apps on a daily basis. So here it goes:

Productivity app: Any.do

This productivity app is one of the most user friendly apps I have ever come across. It helps users manage, plan and prioritize tasks. It works on a freemium model so you can upgrade to the premium version if you feel it is worth it. The app helps you organize tasks as lists and you can plan your day, week or month easily. The Any.do assistant will help you take care of your tasks so that you can spend time on things that matter. So no need to worry about prioritizing tasks, Any.do will do that for you.

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This app helps you return missed calls, send messages to people you can’t talk to immediately, create to-do lists via email, review the way you have spent your day etc. It is extremely flexible so you can customize the app the way you like it. You can capture tasks using Any.do’s Smart Suggest option and even by voice. You want to book an Uber to your next meeting? Don’t worry Any.do will be able to do that as well. Users can also use the Assistant symbol in the app to get various bots and supervising humans to do tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning house etc done for them. This app is simplicity is all its forms. Its design, features, interface and even the way it works define simplicity.

Productivity app

Productivity app: WPS Office

This productivity app is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. It is fully compatible with all documents created using MS Office. You can open PDF documents, office documents and view them in the same way as you would on a PC. Create presentations, PDF documents, spreadsheets etc very easily and for free. The app also has a touch controlled laser pointer that takes this app to a whole other level.

Spell checks, advanced text and formatting options, dozens of formulas, shortcuts etc. make it very similar in function to MS Office. The app also allows you to share your work via mail, Wi-Fi, DLNA. The data can also be stored on cloud storage drives and easily edited and uploaded. Best thing I love about this is the auto save feature. If you are as forgetful as I am, then this feature is your best friend. You won’t lose your work and you can start where you left. It offers 44 different languages as well. So wherever you are in this world, you can find a language suitable to you.

Productivity app

Productivity app: Trello

This is one of the best project management apps available in the market. It has great interface and is extremely easy to use. The app offers a board where multiple cards can be added and within each card various projects can be planned and assigned. Using this app you can create to do lists, create check lists, add due dates, upload files etc. You can invite as many people as you want to your board and you can have discussions and assign tasks etc. It’s a great app for organizations as well as start ups. You can upload files using cloud storage drives. This app is great for projects that need to be managed in real time and in different locations.

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As soon as people are assigned tasks, they will immediately be notified via mail or via the device’s notification system. It is a great way to communicate with team members and provides a great channel for discussion.

Productivity app

Productivity app: Quip

This productivity app helps combine documents, spreadsheets, lists, team chats etc. and allows you to work effectively with your team on various tasks. This is another alternative to MS Office. It makes collaboration with team members extremely easy and it is definitely the best thing about this app. With the help of this app you can make presentations, documents, spreadsheets etc. You can even work on blog posts, projects and even share grocery lists. Its unique interface combines your work in threads along with task lists and spreadsheets.

The real time chat and cloud syncing of chat archives make it extremely unique and team friendly. The spreadsheets created using this app use over 400 different functions so you won’t miss excel much. You can also work offline and edit documents. When you come back online, all the changes will be applied and nothing will be lost. You can also import contacts from your phone so that you can find your colleagues and friends easily.

Productivity app

Productivity app: Evernote

This app is very easy to use and has a very clean interface. You won’t need a notebook if you download this app. On this app you can store photos, web pages, audio files, PDF files, notes etc. If you are scared of such a wide variety of things getting lost, don’t worry. The app comes with an indexing feature and you can easily index your data. So you can search it up whenever you need and your data will never be lost again.

It also has a Work Chat feature that allows collaboration with the work force. You can share an Evernote note with a colleague and can have discussion about that piece of work. At the same time you can also view the work done. The app also allows you to annotate images and PDFs from your mobile phones.

Productivity app

So this is my list. Hope it helps.

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