State of Decay 2 Patch 2.1 for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC Offers Various Bug Fixes


Developer Undead Labs and Microsoft have rolled out State of Decay 2 patch 2.1, which addresses various bugs.

Among fixes for missions, the new update addresses some bugs related to character positioning on the Community screen. We’ve included the patch release notes, as supplied by Undead Labs, down below:

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  • The “Purchase” DLC button on Main Menu now works properly for players with new profiles who don’t own any DLC.
  • The mission “Builder: Make Your Own Gear” can now be completed if the player has a built-in Machine Shop at their base.
  • Characters on the Community screen now re-orient correctly when changes are made to the community.
  • Newly selected leaders are now positioned correctly on the Community screen.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes newly recruited community members would overlap or be standing too close to others on the Community screen.
  • Characters now properly gain experience in their close combat specialization when fighting with their close combat weapon.
  • Characters who have earned at least 1 star in their Gunslinging specialization are now able to snap-aim with the [ A ] button as expected.
  • The in-game Independence Pack purchase confirmation banner no longer eagerly pops up with every player session.
  • Fixed several missions that occasionally couldn’t be completed due to missing items (such as Lost and Found: Search for the Mace, Eagle Eye: Sniper’s Stash, and the various resource-scavenging Radio Menu missions). These missions should now properly place the necessary items in the world.

State of Decay 2 was released for Xbox One and PC back in May of this year, and recently surpassed 3 million players across both platforms. The game's first DLC, the Independence Pack, is releasing today.

"The Independence Pack offers three new vehicles perfect for running down zombies on the highway, including the Pyrohawk (a hatchback that shoots off fireworks at any zombies trying to get in), the Burninator (a truck with side-mounted flamethrowers), and the Meatwagon (a cargo van that drops zombie-luring chunks of red meat in its wake)", the description for the DLC reads.

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