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Starfield Leaks Shared by Ex Bethesda Dev; Game Is Looking Good and Has a Lot of Content, Manual Flight Is In


Yesterday's rumors surrounding The Elder Scrolls VI and other Bethesda games sparked another round of Starfield leaks from a former Bethesda developer.

ResetEra user Hevy008, a verified Character Artist, first claimed to have just finished working at Bethesda Game Studios last week, then added that most of the rumors from SKULLZI were nonsense. For example, he stated that Bethesda Game Studios Dallas was just prototyping the Spyteam project as a pet project of Todd Howard before the whole team was put on Starfield duty.

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His post inevitably sparked a series of questions from other ResetEra users, which prompted a huge response from Hevy008. According to the character artist, Starfield is looking better and better, especially the lighting, even though it won't look as good as Horizon Forbidden West. Hevy008 didn't really like the engine, though he clarified he meant from a developer usability standpoint.

He also said there's a ton of content in the Starfield, even too much, and shared some opinions on shooting and flying, too, describing the former as alright and the latter as terrible even though others may love it.

It was a cool solid place to work, very secure. The engine is a piece of crap though. Todd is a charismatic guy for sure. Starfield is looking good, weekly Thursday playtest since the beginning of the year, more and more stuff coming online. Shooting feels alright, flying is terrible at the moment in my opinion, just not fun to me. Lighting and stuff is looking better and better, though it's not on the level of Horizon Forbidden West or anything like that but still a good looking game. In terms of if it will ship on time, well they will try that's for sure, they'll cut what they did to etc, they have an overabundance of content, probably too much, so that's not the issue, finding the fun and of course bug fixing is the big thing. It's a sexy date though and you only get one of those, beta is this summer, that's when the picture will truly become clear.

The latter reveal proved to be too much, though, as multiple ResetEra users pointed out that Bethesda Game Studios had never formally announced manual flying to be a part of Starfield. When Hevy008 realized that, he requested the cancellation of his ResetEra account and all of his posts to protect himself from potential legal troubles.

Later in the thread, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier stopped by to confirm that Hevy008 had indeed worked at Bethesda. Schreier couldn't necessarily confirm his information, though. At any rate, Starfield fans probably won't have to wait too much longer to get an actual look at the upcoming roleplaying game, Bethesda Game Studios' first new IP in over twenty-five years.

The game is expected to be unveiled around June, whenever Microsoft and Bethesda opt to host their E3-equivalent showcase event. Starfield is scheduled to launch on November 11th for Xbox Series S|X and PC.

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