Star Wars Battlefront To Get New Update In Early May, New Free Content To Roll Out Over Next Three Months

Star Wars Battlefront, the game based on the Star Wars franchise developed by DICE for consoles and PC, has received a few updates which addressed some of the game's issues and introduced new free content. As the release of the first Star Wars Battlefront DLC pack, Outer Rim, has brought some new issues to the game, another update is going to be released in the next couple of weeks.

Star Wars Battlefront

In a new post on the Star Wars Battlefront Official Forums, Star Wars Battlefront Producer Paul Keslin has revealed that a new update is going to be released in early May. The update will includes fixes for several known issues such as Credits not showing up at the end of a match, Hutt Contract progression freezing and more.

Specifically, some have had to deal with confusing UI feedback like Credits not showing up at the end of a match, Hutt Contract progression freezing or resetting, or – my award for most frustrating – having your Rank seemingly roll back. The good news: the team here has jumped on and fixed all of these issues! Our systems for tracking all of the stats are working properly so what players saw was not stats being lost, mixed up, etc.; but instead the UI was not reading the data correctly at times, which resulted in showing you faulty information. Not to worry, however, as all of your progress and stats are being tracked appropriately on the backend and will update correctly with the fixes.

Fixes for other known issues, however, will be coming in future updates, such as fixes for the end of the round crashes when near or on Rank 60 and a few others.

While we don't know if the May update is going to include any of the free content outlined earlier this week for the game, something new on the matter did emerge recently. Star Wars Battlefront community manager Sledgehammer70 has confirmed that the new content will be rolling out over the next 3 months.

The outlined content will roll out over the next 3 months. No specific dates to share at this time.

Star Wars Battlefront is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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