Star Wars Battlefront II Maps Will Sport A Narrative Focus; Experience To Be More Immersive

Francesco De Meo
Star Wars Battlefront II

With Star Wars Battlefront II, DICE and Criterion are improving on the predecessor's experience in several different ways, and it seems like most of the new features are geared towards a better immersion.

Speaking on the Battlefront Podcast, Criterion Designer John Stanley confirmed that the Star Wars Battlefront II maps will sport a narrative focus in the vein of the Death Star DLC maps.

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Yeah, each of the maps will have a narrative focus, and we’ve tried to make it so that the objectives then tie into the map. And that’s important to help with the narrative, but we want to make sure we are switching up the gameplay and making the gameplay feel right for that level, too.

The major narrative focus will make the game more immersive than ever, according to Stanley.

I think for a lot of Star Wars players, it’s all about immersion, and some of that immersion will come from setting that narrative and the setting, and what’s going on in the level, plus we have things like the audio, or making the ships handle really authentically…all of those layers come together and hopefully make for an immersive experience.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 17th.

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