Star Citizen’s First Big Dynamic Event Lets Players Blast Capital Ships This Week

Nathan Birch
Star Citizen

Star Citizen will finally deliver the kind of large-scale space battles fans have long been hoping for when it launches it’s first big server-wide dynamic event sometime this week. The Assault on Stanton event will play out over several days as players team up with the UEE Navy to take on a bevy of heavily armed badies. You can check out a quick teaser trailer for the Assault on Stanton event, below.

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Here’s the official description for the Assault on Stanton event:

Cloud Imperium Games is calling on all pilots to join the fight against the terrorist organization known as “XenoThreat” in the game’s first-ever, server-wide Dynamic Event. Unmatched in size, scope, and scale for any prior event in Star Citizen to-date, the “Assault on Stanton” Dynamic Event features multiple phases scheduled to play out over multiple days as pilots band together and rally to the defense of the Stanton System. This will be the first time Star Citizen pilots will have the chance to join forces with the UEE Navy and lead assaults against enemy capital ships. Expect large-scale encounters featuring AI controlled fleets including capital ships.

The Assault on Stanton event follows on the heels of Star Citizen’s hefty 3.12 update, which includes new areas (Gas Clouds, Refinery Decks), ships (Esperia Talon and Shrike), enemy AI improvements, revamped UI and controls for mining, eye-tracking, a handheld tractor beam, and more. You can get the full rundown on everything included in update 3.12, right here.

Star Citizen is available now on PC. The game is currently in alpha, with no firm date on when it will enter beta testing. Assault on Stanton will launch this week “in time for Christmas,” although a specific date has yet to be provided – make sure to keep an eye on the Star Citizen Twitter account for the latest details.

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