Star Citizen Designer Chris Roberts ‘Struggles’ In This Video


Always wanted to know how Star Citizen designer Chris Roberts plays his own title? Check out the video that surfaced online, down below.

Earlier this month we reported how the Alpha 2.0 version of Star Citizen was released. According Chris Roberts, the 2.0 Alpha is a major breakthrough for the versatile title.

“Alpha 2.0 is a major breakthrough for Stars Citizen,” said Roberts. “It represents the first true slice of gameplay that includes much of what Star Citizen will bring to our fans: thrilling space combat in a massive play area, first person battles and multi-crew ships where you and your friends can adventure together in a portion of the universe on the same ship. It’s all technology that has never been undertaken to this scale and depth before in our industry.”

Star Citizen designer has a hard time playing his own game

The game has now officially reached $ 100 million in crowd funding, but judging from the video down below, Roberts has a hard time playing the game.

Star Citizen is 100% crowd funded and was officially announced on October 10, 2012. The money raised pays for the development of the game including the Roberts Space Industries platform where fans and backers can interact with the team, view multiple weekly webcasts about  Star Citizen, learn about the story behind the game, read constant updates on the game’s progress and much more.  Star Citizen is recognized by Guinness World Records as the top crowd funded project and game in the world.

People interested in backing the project can do so at  http://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge.

Star Citizen was announced back in 2012 and was initially scheduled for a release by the end of 2014, but according Roberts, development has been very challenging. The game is to be the spiritual successor to the Wing Commander series, and will only release on PC. We keep hoping for an actual release date.