Spotify Update Adds Video, News, Podcasts And Radio With A Surprise

Apple plans to intervene in Spotify's reign in the future through its Beats Music Streaming Service with various ways. Hence, Spotify has been working on ways to prevent it through the introduction of various services. This made room for Spotify's latest update on the smartphone application. Yes! Spotify's latest update includes Videos, News Podcasts and Playlists that provides music based on what you're doing.

Rumors had it lately that Spotify will introduce video streaming on its music streaming app. Hence came banging with some of the top notch video content from TED, Vice News, BBC, Comedy Central, NBC, ESPN, ABC, Vogue and many more.

Spotify's Music Changes According To Your Stride

Daniel EK, CEO of Spotify stated that a lot more mediated channels will be coming soon to the app:

"What is cool about what we're doing is how the new content compliments and extends the experience. It will keep our users happy throughout the day and means they'll listen to more music as a result."

So much for Video, wait till you read the surprise. Spotify added a new feature to its app that plays music according to the pace you're running. The application would sense the stride through your smartphone's built in sensors and choose music according to it. The application would take no more than 5 seconds to find and play songs according to your run. The sensors in your smartphone will calibrate the run and send directives of your pace and sort out songs that match your running style. Imagine dancing!

Spotify has a history of music playback time of more than 300 million year reached in eight years. With a vast collection and easy access, the Spotify app is set to make move in to the future. With many new features added, the update will provide great music experience to its users.

Taking this aspect of the app in considerations, Spotify has even consulted artists to produce music that matches different running styles and patterns. Spotify has way further plans than just beat-stretching which will go a long way. Yet, as we speak, the Spotify application is running in US, Germany, UK and Sweden and as time passes, it will make way for other regions around the world. As for now, let us know in the comments how you liked the update and what are your thoughts on the 'Running to the Beat' approach.

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