Apple’s Music Streaming Plans To Be Investigated By EU For Antitrust Violations


Apple's rumored music streaming service has attracted regulators for possible scrutiny even before it has launched. The legal issues mainly comprised of antitrust violations and according to reports from Reuters and The Financial Times, the EU might take appropriate action on the alleged antitrust violations concerning its music streaming service.

The major aspect of the antitrust issue is Apple using its leadership in digital market for music to compete against advertising based or free rival companies such as Spotify. The record labels and other music services have been asked to provide information by the EU regulators to check and see if any agreement or any sort of link between them and Apple. Roll down for some deeper insight over the matter.

Apple To Be Investigated For Any Antitrust Violations In The Music Streaming Plan

Apple faced the same scrutiny situation in the previous days considering iBooks and as appealing it may sound, Apple paid a huge sum as the fine for its process. In the European startups, music has been a source of great success, startups like Spotify and Deezer who seem to be best at what they do.

Hence, EC is reportedly set to file a case for investigation against Apple's music streaming services. The fact that EC is so careful with tech giants from the US is because it wants to secure favorable conditions for the home tech companies. The aggressive regulation tends to create a much more feasible and competitive condition for the European tech companies.

As far as Apple stick to its home products, there wont be anything to worry about because Apple's pull of the music industry is not the same as it used to be. Chances are odd that Apple will be investigated in its music streaming plans since its not the market leader in the field. The title remains in hand for Spotify. Apart from this, reports say that Apple has faced hard luck with the music streaming companies as well as record labels to census upon cheaper rates. However, set history aside, these are a mere speculations and under the table talks are still unknown. So let time decide what coming for Apple from the EU regulators. Do you think Apple's music streaming plan might overcome the current leader of the industry, Spotify? Let us know in the comments.