Spider-Man Remastered RTGI PC Mod Aims to Simulate Full Ray Tracing and Packs Bloom Aplenty

Spider-Man Remastered RTGI PC Mod

This Spider-Man Remastered RTGI PC mod aims to simulate full ray tracing on your rig.

Created by ‘Hickley_’, this mod is a Reshade preset based on the popular Reshade "RT" Global Illumination shader by Pascal ‘MartyMcFly’ Gilcher. Unfortunately, in order to use it, you’ll need Pascal Glitcher’s ReShade Global Illumination beta, which can be purchased ($ 5 USD) and downloaded via Patreon.

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In addition, this new preset uses Jak0bW's Motion Estimator FX, which can be downloaded from Github here.

This Reshade preset aims to simulate full ray tracing as the Spider-Man Remastered only features ray traced reflections. As seen in the screenshots below, there’s plenty of bloom when using this preset, but we’re pretty sure some fans will love the result.

Check out the comparison screenshots down below:


Those interested can download the Spider-Man Remastered RTGI PC mod from Nexusmods.

Spider-Man Remastered is available globally now on PC (through Steam) and PlayStation 5. The regular version is also available on PlayStation 4. Be sure to check out our PC analysis and the recent PC vs console comparison that we covered. Here's what Alessio Palumbo wrote in his analysis of Nixxes' excellent PC port:

As for the game itself, if you aren't among the over 20 million gamers that already played it, then Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered PC is the proper way to rectify this mistake. As mentioned in the original PS4 review, this is undoubtedly one of the best superhero games ever made, which now looks better and performs smoothly provided you have the hardware. Whereas PS5 users have to decide between the Fidelity (4K+RT with dynamic resolution, 30FPS), Performance (1440p, 60 FPS), and RT Performance modes (1080/1440p+RT, 60 FPS), you can now get all the bells and whistles at once on your beefy PC.

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Visually, the ray traced reflections make a big difference while swinging around Manhattan, especially at nighttime. Some building and pedestrian models aren't cutting edge, but we must remember that the game originally came out for PS4 nearly four years ago; Miles Morales should fare better when it launches on PC soon.

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