First Spider-Man Remastered PC vs PS5/PS4 Comparison Highlights Unlocked Framerates and Slightly Improved Scene Texturing, Shading and Ambient Occlusion

Spider-Man Remastered PC Update 1.919

The first Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC vs PS5/PS4 comparison video has been released, showing some slight improvements on PC.

As we wrote in our article earlier today, the Spider-Man Remastered PC version by Sony-owned Nixxes is an outstanding port, offering numerous graphical options, unlocked framerates, ray tracing, and support for both DLSS and FSR 2.0. But how does this PC version compare to the base PS4 version and the remastered version on Sony’s PS5? Well, YouTube channel ‘Analista De Bits’ put the game on its testbench to compare the different versions to each other. The results? Let’s start by saying that this comparison once again shows what a great job Insomniac did with the console versions of the game, especially considering the fact that the game still looks very impressive on a base PlayStation 4 to this day.

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On PlayStation 4, the game runs in 1080p resolution at 30FPS, whereas the PS5 version has three different graphical options, including a performance mode that runs the title in dynamic 4K at 60FPS, a Ray Tracing Performance mode at 1440p@60FPS, and a Fidelity mode at 4K@30FPS. On PC, the game runs in 4K resolution with an unlocked framerate.

Although visual differences appear to be minimal between the PS5 version in Fidelity mode and PC, the PC port does benefit from slightly improved ambient occlusion, scene texturing, and shading. Of course, the biggest difference between PC and consoles is that the PC port benefits from unlocked framerates, whereas the PS5 and PS4 versions are limited to 60FPS and 30FPS respectively.

You can check out the Spider-Man Remastered PC van PS5/PS4 comparison down below, and judge for yourself.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (Remastered) is available globally now for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 (non-remastered). The PC version launches later this week on August 12. Those interested can check out some 4K web-slinging on PC at Max settings down below.

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