Spider-Man Goes Gold, Will Swing Into Action This September


Get ready to do whatever a spider can in just a little over a month, because the Marvel’s Spider-Man has officially gone gold. Insomniac Games announced development has wrapped earlier this morning on Twitter.

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For those who don’t get Insomniac’s choice of image, it’s a reference to a once-popular meme lifted from the goofy 60s cartoon series.

It’s an…interesting choice of reference, since the original point of the meme was that it sorta looked like Spidey was, uh, web-slinging under his desk, if you know what I mean. But hey, maybe Insomniac just wants us to know Spider-Man is really, really excited to have his game go gold.

I got a chance to go hands-on with Spider-Man at E3, and, for the most part, I came away impressed…

“While I walked away from my hands-on time with Spider-Man with a few quibbles about the game’s traversal, there’s no denying Insomniac’s comic book romp grabbed me. . While I’m generally satisfied to try most E3 demos once and move on, I snuck back for seconds and thirds with Spider-Man and was tempted indulge in even more. Spider-Man doesn’t reinvent the open-world superhero template established by Batman: Arkham City, but it sands off some of the rough edges, creating a light, accessible, open-world adventure a broad range of gamers and comic book fans ought to get wrapped up in.”

Need more Spidey info? Here are the latest details about the game’s villains and suits, and a look at the sweet Spider-Man-themed PS4 Pro. What do you think? Is Spider-Man on your must-play list?

Spider-Man swings onto shelves on September 7.