Spencer: Response to Xbox One X Impacting Future Plans; Talks Photorealism, Multi-Gen Support, XGP

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Xbox head Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to respond to questions from the community about supporting titles for multiple generations, learning from the Xbox One X, photorealism, the Xbox Game Pass, and more.

Following this week’s announcement that Red Dead Redemption would be Xbox One X enhanced, Spencer took to Twitter to share his appreciation for the game and how wonderful he finds it that the game can now be played across 3 Xbox consoles. “Started on 360 (still had the cloud save from 2011), completed middle section via BC on XB1S over the summer, completed final story mission in 4K on XB1X today”, he tweeted. “Red Dead Redemption, amazing game.”

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Lessons learned from Xbox One X response will impact future plans

It’s quite lovely indeed, and Spencer was asked how Microsoft plans to bring these features to the next Xbox console. The head of Xbox responded that he’s always learning and that he’s learned a lot from the response from studios and gamers to the Xbox One X. According to Spencer, this “learning” will surely impact Microsoft’s plans for the future. He added, “in a future where you have so many big games that have huge playing communities behind them a future where you fragment that community via hardware feels like a challenge.”

When asked about supporting games for a longer period of time through multiple console generations, Spencer replied that he believes that a lot can be learned from the PC GPU-cycle.
“I think we can learn from PC here. GPUs are supported until a point where there aren't enough players/buyers to make that platform viable for developers”, he shared. “It should be about players and where they want to play.”

Photorealism in gaming within 10 year is possible and experimenting with Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox honcho was also questioned about how long it will take before photorealism can be achieved in gaming. “Yea, 10 years is reasonable”, Spencer said. “ There are scenes today where the average viewer would be hard pressed to differentiate.  Animation and lighting are still ways off for real time realism in a scene in my view.”

Last but not least, Spencer replied to a question about experimenting with the Xbox Game Pass.

Do you agree with Spencer’s view on multi-gen support for games? What about the Game Pass? Hit the comments below.

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