Soulframe Isn’t a “Soulsborne” and Trailer Featured In-Game Assets, Game Director Confirms; Hidden Art Surfaces

soulframe digital extremes

Game director on Soulframe, Steve Sinclair, has taken to Twitter following the announcement of the upcoming game.

Over the weekend, during TennoConn 2022, Digital Extremes announced that it’s working on a new title overseen by Warframe’s former director. Not much was shared about the free-to-play fantasy title, but going by the game’s name, some expect it to be a “soulsborne” title. According to Sinclair, however, this isn’t the case. On Twitter, the game director said that ‘soul’ will be a general game mechanic and theme in the game, but it won’t be akin to the popular Souls games from FromSoftware. In addition, Sinclair shared that the game’s announcement trailer featured in-game assets. He also shared a piece of art for Soulsframe, which can be seen below.

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In other Soulframe-related news – the game’s website also launched over the weekend, and some fans have found pieces of unreleased Soulframe art on the site alongside a decrypted message. We’ve included the art in the gallery below. As deciphered by Reddit user ‘GavinGaile’ the message reads as follows:

When day wrought night they did arrive
Not sea nor hoof but from the sky
Knight-maidens strong rode to face them
Yet not a sword was drawn

For within that night songs were cast
And we who heard them lost our past
Our virtues, love, and spirit fled
So hollow was the dawn

Now mothers send their children there
To Oden castles crowning air
Returning spies to peel our thoughts
With souls so twisted wrong

Now industry demands the earth
Our verdant fields bled grey of worth
The beasts of feast now lost to famine
Great Alca’s flesh stripped raw

While hope in us has come to rust
Strange kin remain with the Alca’s trust
Relic wolf and bear and faun

Those we plundered now we seek
For ancient ties that withered weak
To cast a bargain entwining last
And reforging honored bonds...

To the world.

soulframe digital extremes
soulframe digital extremes
soulframe digital extremes
soulframe digital extremes
soulframe digital extremes

Some pretty interesting stuff right there and we’re pretty excited about Digital Extreme’s mystery title. Are you as excited as we are? Hit the comments down below.

Soulframe has yet to receive a release date.

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