Sony’s Past PlayStation 5 Replanning Caused Several Game Announcements to be Rearranged, Including Third Party Announcements – Rumor

Aernout van de Velde
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Sony’s past PlayStation 5 replanning has caused various game announcements to be shuffled around, according to insider Dusk Golem.

Yesterday we covered some tweets from Golem stating that Capcom would soon reveal a new game. In his tweets he mentioned that this title was to be announced earlier but due to the project needing additional time in the oven and Sony ‘reworking’ the PS5, the announcement and game were delayed. In a new set of tweets, Dusk Golem has now clarified what he meant with ‘reworking’ the PS5.

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As he puts it, it would be more accurate to say that Sony needed to somewhat replan the reveal of the PlayStation 5. Apparenty, Sony’s past PS5 ‘replanning’ has affected several game announcements, including a few announcements from third-party studios. Golem does mention that this replanning wasn't done recently.

The exact titles that the insider is referring to are unknown, but one of them is the upcoming new Capcom title that we posted about yesterday. As reported yesterday, this new title from Capcom isn’t said to be a new Dino Crisis installment. Secretly, we’re hoping for a Deep Down or Dragon’s Dogma 2 announcement for Sony’s upcoming next-gen console.

As always, we’ll keep you updated.

Sony has yet to unveil the PlayStation 5, but as covered earlier today, the company recently filed an European PS5 trademark application suggesting that a reveal might be imminent.

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