Sonic 2020 Initiative Promises New Info and Announcements Every Month This Year

Nathan Birch
Sonic the Hedgehog

It seems like 2020 is probably going to be a big year for Sonic. Of course, the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movie, with its much-mocked then fixed effects, is coming out this year, so it would make sense for Sega to try and capitalize on that with new games and other projects. The Sonic franchise has been lying somewhat low recently – we got Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces in 2017, but since then we’ve only got so-so spinoffs like Team Sonic Racing and another Mario & Sonic Olympic minigame fest.

Well, things are picking up again, as Sega has announced the Sonic 2020 initiative. Basically, Sega is promising to announce something related to the blue hedgehog on the 20th of every month throughout 2020. The January announcement is just that they’ll be making monthly announcements, so we’ll have to wait until February 20th at least for any bigger news. In the meantime, Sega has released some new Sonic wallpapers and social media icons for download.

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So, what kind of announcements might we see in 2020? Well, again, it’s been three years since both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, so we could conceivably get another retro 2D and 3D Sonic this year. For the record, both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces were top-quality games. Wccftech’s Dave Aubrey called Mania a “modern classic”

It’s hard to write a bad word about Sonic Mania. It’s a complete, classic package, at a great price. Each character you play as feels just as you remember it, but sharper. Each classic stage starts as you remember it, and then transforms into something completely new. Sonic Mania is a love letter to fans and a testament to the Blue Blur himself - a modern classic that Sonic fans old and new have to experience.

And I thought Sonic Forces was a fun, sincere celebration of the series

Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces celebrate different eras, but they both take the same shameless “all-in” approach. Sonic Forces is a confident game, serving up a story and stages that go for broke while dodging the pitfalls of the past. As long as you’re not a hardline 3D Sonic hater, this earnest, entertaining adventure is worth a spin.

What kind of Sonic-related announcements are you hoping for in 2020?

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