Top 10 Android, iOS and Windows Apps! The Ultimate List?

Rafia Shaikh

Android, iPhones and Windows smartphones - every one of these is coming pre-loaded with tons of apps and features. In this list, we have put together some top Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps. Most of these are basic apps available on all platforms, with their recommended alternatives - if any. At the end of this list, you can see more platform-dependent apps - both free and paid.

If you have any favorite iOS, Windows or Android app - be it a productivity tool, a game, camera editing app, or any other stuff - let us know and we would add your favorites in this list too. 

1. Facebook:

Availability: iOS, Android, Windows

Recommended Android alternative: Atrium [Free]

Recommended Windows alternative: WP Facebook [Free]

2. Facebook Messenger:

Availability: Android, iOS

Recommended Android alternative: IM+ [Free]

3. Skype:

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows

Recommended Android alternative: Google Hangouts

Recommended Windows alternative: IM+ - Free alternative for Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, and Kik Messenger.

4. Viber:

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows

Recommended Android alternative: Tango [Free]

Recommended Windows alternative: IM+ [Free]

5. Instagram:

Availability: Android, iOS [coming to Windows soon!]

Alternative app: Flickr [Free]

6. YouTube:

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows

Recommended Windows app: YouTube HD

7. eBay:

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows

Android favorite: Droid Auction eBay [Free]

8. Adobe Reader:

Availability: AndroidiOSWindows

Windows favorite: PDF Reader [Free]

9. Game - Angry Birds Star Wars II:

Availability: AndroidiOSWindows

Recommended Android alternative: Orbital [Free]

Recommended iOS alternative game: Fragger [$0.99]

10. Game - Plants vs. Zombies:

Availability: AndroidiOSWindows

Recommended Android alternative: Anomaly: Warzon Earth HD [$3.96]

After this list of obvious top 10 favorites which are more likely to be everyone's daily go-to apps; here are some platform specific favorites apps.

Favorite Android Apps:

top android, iphone and windows phone apps

When you pick top 10 Android apps, it is always about custom things - launchers, keyboards and the things. Also, we can't forget games now, can we!

Candy Crush Saga [Free], Bejewelled Blitz [Free], Survivalcraft [$3.99]

Swype Keyboard [$0.99] and SwiftKey Keyboard [$4.84]

Nova Launcher Prime [$4.00] and Action Launcher Pro [$3.85]

Helium [$ 4.99]

iPhone Favorites:

iPhone favorites are slightly skewed more towards games as there are so many you can't get over! Beautiful iOS 7 wallpapers and a potential next Instagram!

Grand Theft Auto: iFruitGrand Theft Auto V: The Manual [Free]

Real Racing 3 [Free], Dots: A Game About Connecting [Free], Deer Hunter Reloaded [Free], Infinity Blade II [$7.49], Minecraft – Pocket Edition [$7.49]

Wallpapers HD+ [Free], ScreenMotion Wallpapers iOS 7 [Free]

VSCO Cam [Free]

Windows Favorites:

Microsoft has always been more inclined towards better business solutions. Our app selection shows no difference!

MyNextDays [$1.99], RemoteDesktop [$2.49]

Carsales [Free]

Free YouTube Downloader Plus [Free]

And that ends our top Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps list. Do not forget to share your favorites with us through comments.

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