Sleeping Dogs PAX EAST Footage Appears


Sleeping Dogs isn't exactly the most anticipated game of 2012 since it doesn't have a large advertising campaign to back it up but if you are a fan of True Crime games on the PS2 then this game is definitely something you should be watching out for. Those of you who have a good memory should remember that a third True Crime (titled True Crime: Hong Kong) WAS announced and even shown at E3 2010 but it was cancelled shortly after, well Sleeping Dogs is basically that same game making a come back with a different name.

Sleeping Dogs is Square Enix's next project, those of you who have an especially good memory will remember the footage from a few years ago when True Crime 3  was shown at E3 2010,, some of you might remember similar game play footage as you are about to see, even though True Crime: Hong Kongwas cancelled this game is basically True Crime being done by another company. Let's see if they are able to pull it off better than its creators did, so far the footage is pretty mediocre and I just see an OKAY title at best but I hope future game play footage and trailers can prove me wrong.

As you can see the game does borrow some elements from current generation games (but which game hasn't borrowed something or the other from another game right?) such as Batman: Arkham Asylum / City (where the enemy's give an exclamation mark above their head giving the protagonist a chance to counter attack) and the ability to hit enemies with objects in the environment which is an element present in various games and more recently was in Uncharted 3. Once again I was unimpressed with True Crime: Hong Kong I saw back in those years and I still am on the same opinion but there is still room for improvement and hopefully they will take advantage of this before the release.