Skyrim Special Edition SkyUI Mod Now Available; Still In Alpha, But Feature Complete

Francesco De Meo
Skyrim Special Edition

With the Skyrim Script Extender entering its alpha phase for Skyrim Special Edition support, several mods released for the original version of the game are getting updated for the latest release of the popular RPG developed by Bethesda. Among them, is a mod that's quite popular, the SkyUI mod.

The SkyUI mod, which changes the game's interface to a more PC-friendly one, is now available for Skyrim Special Edition. The mod is still in alpha, but it's feature complete.

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SkyUI requires SKSE64, which is currently still in alpha, so SkyUI simply inherits that state.It is a feature-complete release.
All features of the non-SE version should be working.
There are no installation instructions yet.
If you need help settings things up, you should wait for a stable release.
Only short-term testing was done, so there might still be undiscovered bugs.
Please report any issues you find.
Updates might not be backward compatible.
If everything goes well, they will.
But if not, be prepared to go back to an earlier save.

You can download SkyUI for Skyrim Special Edition by going here.

Speaking of mods, the Skyrim Special Edition Creation Club has also been launched recently on PC. The Survival Mode is also available for download.

Skyrim Special Edition is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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