Skyrim Special Edition Oblivion Remaster Mod Skyblivion New Teaser Shows Gorgeous Environment


The Skyrim Special Edition Oblivion remaster mod Skyblivion is one of the most impressive mods in the works for the game developed by Bethesda, aiming to recreate the world of Oblivion in the latest entry in the series.

The development team released today brand new teaser which showcases the mod's gorgeous environments. You can check it out below.

Skyblivion New Video Highlights Latest Development Updates

A short but sweet update video showcasing our new and improved environments.
We have a big update video scheduled for December during which we will showcase gameplay elements and much more exciting content but we didn't want to leave you in the cold for another 2 months without any visual updates so here it is.

The Skyrim Special Edition Oblivion remaster mod Skyblivion will not only include all the content of the main game, but also the game's DLC.

Here is a list of whats new: Armors, weapons and shields are in-game, NPC’s have been manually created, new textures have been made by Anvil Citizen for the Imperial City and some clutter, flora has been replaced with custom models by 3AMt and the first creature is in-game courtesy of Aerisarn, a video of which can by found on my channel. Furthermore we have our first quests and voiced dialogue thanks to Ormin and Zilav
From here on out progress will be faster and updates more frequent. Though there is still allot of work left a release date is coming closer and closer.

The Skyrim Special Edition Skyblivion mod is currently in development, and a release date has yet to be confirmed.