Skyforge Distant Frequencies $2500+ Giveaway – 60 Codes to Grab


Skyforge, as we wrote about last year moving to the PS4 and with a pledge of updates and support from the developer, has received much more than simple quality of life updates. Last month, the game was updated with the Distant Frequencies expansion.

This expansion introduces a brand new class, the Soundweaver, and a story that takes you travelling to a whole new planet. Most important is the fact that the Soundweaver, a support class, fights with the power of music. No, not like a bard. The Soundweaver is a rocker, pumping up their allies with an electric guitar and some (hopefully) decent tunes.

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Take a look at the announcement trailer for Distant Frequencies expansion:

As a celebration for the recent launch of Distant Frequencies, our friends at publishers and developers Allods Team have provided 60 codes to give away to you. To be exact, there are 20 codes each, of three different packs.

That means we'll have sixty lucky winners. You have a chance to win something to really help boost your Skyforge account. Here's what we have up for grab, with the entry placed below.

Boiling Blood Pack

The Boiling Blood Pack, priced at 17999 Argents (Skyforge's premium currency), around $17.99, comes with these items:

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  • Alchemist legendary weapon: Yarm, Astral Forge
  • 4000 Victor's Medals
  • 10 stimulants

Skyforge Boiling Blood Pack Giveaway

Soundweaver Quickplay Pack

The Soundweaver Quickplay Pack, normally priced at $14.99, offers two simple things:

  • Unlock the Soundweaver Class
  • 3 Days of Premium Subscription

Skyforge Soundweaver Quickplay Pack Giveaway

Cold Flame Pack

The Cold Flame Pack, priced at 11999 Argent (around $11.99), comes with these items:

  • Archer Legendary weapon: Ignitia, Astral Flame
  • 7 days premium time
  • 300 000 Credits
  • 3000 Knowledge of Enemies

Skyforge Cold Flame Pack Giveaway

To have a chance to win one of the packs, all you need to do is enter the giveaways above. Every action you complete is an entry into the giveaway and within two days of the giveaway ending you will receive your code at the email address you enter. Good luck!