Free To Play MMORPG Skyforge Launches on PlayStation 4 This Spring


Publisher announced today that their free-to-play action MMORPG Skyforge is coming to PlayStation 4 later this Spring.

Skyforge lets you create your very own immortal enlisted to protect your home planet from invading aliens who use magic and technology to make your life a living hell.

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Skyforge originally came out on PC back in 2015 and from the features listed below, PS4 owners are in for a load of new content:

  • Repel the invaders
    Creatures from the deepest oceans, reapers from the pits of fire, and lifeless machines from the coldest wastelands, all threaten the existence of Aelion and all its inhabitants.
    Fight off the invaders to obtain new abilities and rewards!
  • Enhanced PS4 Action Combat
    Combat the offworld invaders with devastating skill combos and dodge their merciless attacks. Learn new skills and unleash the fury of your divine form once you have reached godhood. Collect equipment, fragments of armor, or parts of your enemies' bodies and turn them into dangerous weapons!
  • Unlock 14 Classes and Switch Instantly between them
    Begin your journey as a mere mortal and choose between 14 unlockable and interchangeable classes. Be a sinister Necromancer or even a Gunner with a monstrous, transforming plasma cannon. The choice is yours! Choose whatever class suits your playstyle, whenever you want.
    Obtain your DIVINE FORM by unlocking your ultimate abilities as a god and make the invaders rue the day they provoked your wrath!
  • Explore A Universe of Content
    Skyforge contains dozens of hours of entertainment with Campaign mode, and unlimited hours in various PVE and PVP game modes, all in over 100 locations. Group up with other immortals or fight solo. Play in open zones or short instances! Even the most dedicated players will find a vast variety of content available. Skyforge has something to offer for every type of MMO player.

Skyforge comes to Playstation 4 later this Spring and available now on PC. You can sign up for a free Immortal Pack right here.