SilverStone Announces the TP03-ARGB M.2 SSD Cooling Kit

Evan Federowicz
Source: SilverStone

SilverStone has announced the TP03-ARGB M.2 SSD cooling kit, which features ARGB lighting and an aluminum alloy heatsink to increase the M.2 SSD cooling area. This cooling kit doesn't come with an included SSD of any kind but instead supports the 22 x 80 mm length for an M.2 SSD. This cooling kit is currently listed on ScorptecComputer's website with a price of $39.

The TP03-ARGB M.2 SSD cooling kit features fantastic cooling capacity and ARGB lighting for just $39.99

This M.2 SSD cooling kit feature various ARGB lighting options offer various color combinations to be easily displayed by using an ARGB controller or connecting this SSD cooling kit directly to a motherboard that supports controlling the ARGB lighting. This SSD cooling kit uses a standard 4-1 pin connector, and the top of the cooling kit features the Raven logo. The ARGB lighting surrounds this logo strip, which can be easily controlled and customized to fit your PC system's design.

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Source: SilverStone

This SSD cooling kit uses various cooling techniques, including having an Aluminum alloy heatsink, two highly efficient thermally conductive pads, and a double layer design, which further increases the cooling effect of the installed SSD.

This cooling kit features a dual-layer thermal pad design with a thermal pad on either side of the installed SSD for higher thermal transfer. The top thermal pad is attached to an aluminum alloy heatsink designed to cool the SSD components effectively. This heatsink only supports a single M.2 SSD size of M.2 2280 SSD, or 22 x 80 mm. This SSD offers a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/m.k. The first of these thermal pads features a thickness of 1 mm, and the second thermal pad features a thickness of 1.5 mm.

Source: SilverStone

The TP02-ARGB M.2 SSD cooling kit uses an aluminum alloy heatsink to allow for a fast thermal transfer and easier heat dissipation. The TP02-ARGB M.2 SSD cooling kit has been listed on the Scorptec computers with a price of $39.00. This SSD has a working temperature range from -20°C all the way up to 90°C. This wide range ensures that this SSD cooler will keep the SSD cool and running at peak efficiency, even in the hottest environments.

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