Should I Wait for iPhone 5S? iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S

Rafia Shaikh

With iPhone 5S release date coming closer, the most heated question these days is "should I wait for iPhone 5S or just buy the iPhone 5". The question got more serious in last few weeks when iPhone 4S owners started receiving the "upgrade to new iPhone 5" notifications. This early upgrade option is making people moving towards a two-year contract with iPhone 5. Before you go ahead with the upgrade or decide to switch to Android; it is a good time to start considering to wait for the iPhone 5S. Let's see, who should wait and who should buy one of the currently available smartphones.

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Considering that Apple iPhone 5S is only about a month and half away - rumors suggest release date being somewhere in September - it won't hurt you much if you decide to wait for the 5S; which you might be carrying for the next two years. Even if you have to buy iPhone 5, with the launch of newer Apple iPhone, the current smartphone will cost you much less as compared to the prices now.

iphone 5s features

According to design and features suggestions, iPhone 5S will get better design, much improved camera and of course improved software. iPhone 5S camera is likely going to put iPhone 5 to shame. So if you are a photography aficionado, better wait for the 5s!

Comparing Carriers:  
iphone 5s carrier

Before jumping to upgrade your iPhone contract, now is actually a good time to sit back and compare the available carrier options. Verizon and AT&T both offer stellar coverage and well, AT&T 4G HSPA+ connectivity is fast enough for many users who look forward for a 4G LTE. 

Verizon has already announced its completion of 4G LTE network, and most probably iPhone 5S from Verizon will offer access to it. Hence the Verizon iPhone 4S users should better wait for iPhone 5S as it is expected to deliver some cool new features from Verizon which might be limited to the latest iPhone.iphone 5s price

On the T-Mobile, users might just be too excited to get the iPhone 5 as the carrier has finally upgraded to LTE - sold a million since its introduction - but if you consider the price tag now and then; better wait for the 5S. T-Mobile 4G LTE also has a lot of room to groom, consider that before switching from a non-LTE carrier.

Finally, Sprint also has 4G LTE, but is far behind when compared with AT&T and Verizon.

Newer carrier options:

Cincinnati Bell is going to start selling the iPhone 5 this week - much tempting to the consumers. U.S. Cellular too will carry iPhone this fall and likely iPhone 5S will be the first iPhone to be supported. But we might end up seeing both!

You should get iPhone 5 now, if:

You don't worry much about saving a hundred bucks straight from a mere 40 days wait. And also you are just toooo happy with the iPhone 5 and think that it is the end all and be all of the smartphones; and you don't want to miss the experience of it for some future phone - which might be a flop? Yes? Get an iPhone 5 - right now! Please.

You should NOT get an iPhone 5 right now, if:

You are interested to check out and compare the features of both the iPhones. You want to have an improved camera and a possible better battery life with a slightly-less-possible fingerprint reader - if you are too lucky. And also, if you don't mind saving a few dollars for a few days wait. WAIT! That's all we can say.

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