Shin’en, the Developer of Fast NEO/RMX, Is Working on Xbox Series X

Shin'en Nintendo Switch FAST RMX Update 1.2

When Microsoft announced that over 140 third-party game developers are already working on the Xbox Series X console, everyone focused on the big names: CAPCOM, Bungie, CD Projekt RED, Bethesda to name a few.

Yet those were the obvious ones, while the small logo of Shin'en Multimedia, for example, was a nice surprise for those Xbox gamers who were able to spot it. That's because the independent developer based in Munich, Germany, has never developed for an Xbox console before.

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In fact, since its foundation in 1999, Shin'en has focused almost exclusively on developing for Nintendo platforms, with the exceptions of 2014's Nano Assault Neo X and 2016's Art of Balance which also launched on Sony's PlayStation 4.

By far the most popular games made by this studio were those in the Fast Racing NEO/RMX franchise, inspired by Wipeout and F-Zero. Fast Racing NEO debuted in late 2015 for the Nintendo Wii U, much to the praise of Dave as you may read in his review.

Fast Racing NEO is one of the best download-only titles for Wii U and is also one of the Wii U’s best racers. If you are a fan of the genre, don't miss it.

The game did so well that Shin'en re-released it (with some new content) as Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch, as a launch title for the console. Once again, Dave expressed his enjoyment with the title.

Good tracks and great racing combine in this well-positioned futuristic racer. It’s nothing groundbreaking, and is very similar to its predecessor, but it has enough new content and multiplayer fun to keep me coming back for hours.

Last year, the studio released a new Nintendo Switch game called The Touryst, an action/adventure puzzle game that was also well received.

We reached out to Shin'en before publishing this story. While they couldn't reveal anything yet about their next project, they did confirm to be working on the Xbox Series X.

Given the similarity of the Xbox dev environment with Windows 10 PC, it seems reasonable to assume they might be looking at Microsoft's other platform as well, though that's purely speculation on our part at the moment.

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Whether Xbox fans will get ports of their previous hit games or just this upcoming game is presently unknown, but we'll let you know once any official details are confirmed; stay tuned.

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