Here’s How You Can Share Your Android App Purchases With Family And Friends

From an official standpoint, Android users cannot share their purchased applications like Apple's Family Sharing which was debuted last year. The purpose of family sharing is to allow a single app purchase to work with other accounts, either your own device or someone else'. Hence, Android users have to work another way to access purchased apps on multiple accounts.

In a simple manner, the workout procedure is fairly simple. To be able to share your app purchases on multiple android devices, you have to add your account to the other device. Other technical details will be covered later in this post but this sure would be a great way to share your app purchases with family and or friends.

Share Your App Purchases On Android With These Steps

As to begin the act to enable purchased apps sharing, you will first need to borrow the android device of your family member or friend. The next step involves navigating to the android device's Settings menu and then the Accounts Tab. In the Accounts Tab, tap Add Account. The account type must be set to Google and then enter your own account details here to log in. However, if you have two way authentication enabled, check your own device for the authentication code.

The next step involves securing your private email address that you used on the other person's device so no one can see it. To do this, navigate back to the Accounts tab in Settings and select Google then from the list, select your own account that you just made. The point here is to deselect any syncing option that may cause the data to be transferred to your family member's device.

As soon as you do this, head to Google Play Store and open the side menu bar. From this menu bar, tap the account of your family member atop the page. Proceeding further, you are advised to select your own account from this menu. And there you have it. You have completed the procedure to host purchased applications for your family members or friends.

From this point forward, the My Apps segment will show all the apps that have been downloaded. Now your friend or family member can install any device that you have paid for. If you want more accounts to be a part of the sharing, follow the exact same steps on another device and increase the circle. That to it, folks. Let us know in the comments if this guide helped you.

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