Shaq Sports Game Franchise Would Be Game Changing

Shouldn't Shaq start his own video game franchise? I think it's about time that someone take over the mantle from John Madden or even the generic franchise games.

Should Shaq become the new face of the NBA game franchise?

Certainly a man with as many talents as he could create something truly novel and interesting. Maybe even shake up the dry sports genre a bit. Doesn't it seem to take a standard approach these days?

He seems to have quite the sense of humor combined with a warm personality and a penchant for, among other things, dancing. So why not delve into the sports genre and add to it, shape it to include things that no one could possibly have thought of before. An NBA video game featuring Shaquille and taking advantage of the respective camera hardware for impromptu dance offs would be great. Wouldn't it be hilarious yet fantastic to see a new direction taken away from the norm?

In seriousness, though, as a leader within the franchise he could provide a guiding light that could help bring the NBA genre out of mediocrity and into something everyone can enjoy and on a level that could potentially be much better. He's talented in more ways than one, and being connected to his roots could be very positive for everyone involved.

Personally, I'd love to see a more interactive element, at least something more than just sitting mindlessly on a couch. You know, something you can interact with, like actually warming up with your players, or syncing your smart fitness device in order to provide a level of fitness. Adjusted for skill level of course.

There are so many great directions that could be taken, though the likelihood of any of those happening is slim. Interaction in a way that has your team actually relying on you. But I digress, Shaq would be a great pick for fixing a stagnant series. He could be our only hope.


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