Madden NFL 21 Drops its Debut Trailer, “Dual Entitlement” Offers Free Next-Gen Upgrades

Madden NFL 21

A lot of the video game industry’s regular rhythms have been thrown off in 2020, but, of course, we’re still getting a new Madden. EA has dropped a new trailer for Madden NFL 21, showing off some new features including improved ball-carrier mechanics, realistic open-field control, and, most important of all, the ability to manually control your end-zone dances. Surprised it took EA this long to add that! Check out the trailer for Madden NFL 21, below.

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Here’s a few more details about what to expect from the on-field action this year:

Madden NFL 21 will bring players closer to the field than ever before with an unrivaled football experience and innovative gameplay including improved ball-carrier mechanics for all out control in the running back and receiver positions and enhanced D-Line mechanics that make the pass rush positions more responsive, and fun to play. Plus, Realistic Open-Field Tackling will allow for clutch defensive stops, and new player-controlled celebrations after each game changing play combine to make the gridiron experience even more true to life. Outside of all the new control players will have in-game, some of the biggest changes will arrive in the overall authenticity and presentation with new on field camera shots and improved player awareness of their positioning and surroundings on the field.

This year’s Madden will also be adding a updated, story-driven career mode:

Also new to Madden NFL 21 is Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame, a playable documentary career campaign where players create themselves and play through their rise to fame from high school as a quarterback, to college where they can choose to pivot to running back or wide receiver, before experiencing the NFL Combine, NFL Draft, and cementing their legacy in the League. In addition, fans can expect more than 50 new Superstar X-Factor abilities, Live Playbooks 2.0, and a brand-new season of Ultimate Team content, along with other new features.

In an interesting twist, EA will be offering “Dual Entitlement” on all platforms. Essentially the same as Microsoft’s “Smart Delivery” program, Dual Entitlement allows you to buy Madden NFL 21 on the Xbox One or PS4 and upgrade to Xbox Series X or PS5 version for free. This offer will only be available until the release of Madden NFL 22, and won’t work if you buy this year’s Madden on a disc then upgrade to a discless next-gen console.

Madden NFL 21 blitzes onto PC (via Steam for the first time), Xbox One, and PS4 on August 28. Next-gen console versions will come later. Pre-orders are open now, and if you snag the MVP version you’ll get 3-day early access as well as variety of other goodies.

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