Shadow Wars Is Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Endgame

Alessio Palumbo
Shadow of War Xbox One X

Looks like Monolith is fixing another major issue with Shadow of Mordor: its complete lack of an endgame. This was revealed yesterday by Eurogamer, which explained the concept behind the so-called Shadow Wars mode.

Effectively a mini campaign, it takes place after the game's story is concluded and players have conquered all of Mordor. In the Shadow Wars, Sauron's army launches a counter assault against Talion, attacking different regions and attempting to take back those hard-won fortresses. These assaults are split into various stages, with more regions coming under attack from progressively harder enemies in each stage.

In terms of the actual gameplay, Shadow Wars basically takes the fortress assaults that form such a large part of Shadow of War and swaps the sides, asking you to hold various capture points until all the attacking warchiefs have been killed or otherwise conquered. If you succeed, the fortress will remain yours. Fail, however, and it will revert back to Sauron's control. You'll need to retake it in order to advance to the next stage and, what's more, you may need to mount a rescue mission to save the orc follower you installed in the fortress as Overlord.

There's also a gameplay video showcasing Shadow Wars, which we've embedded below.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War recently entered the spotlight for their controversial decision to add a microtransaction based Market system in what's essentially a single player game (barring some minor asynchronous online elements), though the developers have remarked how this is entirely optional and everything in the Market can be earned simply by playing, too.

Shadow of War is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 10th. The game will have Xbox One X support, where it will run at native 4K resolution and 30 frames per second.

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