Shadow Warrior 2 Has Been Announced, More Wang is On The Way

The studio behind bringing back Shadow Warrior, Devolver Digital, has confirmed that they're working on the sequel to its quintessential game series, already once revived. Shadow Warrior 2 is confirmed, so get ready to see more Wang in the future.

Shadow Warrior 2 will bring back Lo Wang and his very specific yet priceless humor.

A tweet yesterday by publisher Devolver Digital gave up the goods about the in production Shadow Warrior 2. There aren't many details as of yet, though we do know that Flying Wild Hogs, the developer behind the original reboot in 2013 (and on consoles in 2014) will be handling the delicate task of crafting Lo Wang's newest adventures. Of course this means that there will be plenty of play on words leading to the release.

If Shadow Warrior 2 is anything like the original or the reboot, then it's sure to be a success. Despite the controversy concerning the way in which Asian cultures are portrayed and the extreme violence of the game, it did go on to be a cult classic that was revived to be a commercial success. The level of polish wasn't really expected, and it was enjoyable to play in much the same way the original was.

We can only speculate, however due to the reception, it's likely that we'll see this on the PS4 and Xbox one in addition to the PC and of course on SteamOS. More information about Shadow Warrior 2 is expected at E3 and we hope to bring you live coverage of any announcements from Flying Wild Hog or Devolver Digital. I'm excited, are you?

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