Shadow Warrior 2 Available for Free on Until October 6th

Oct 5, 2018

Shadow Warrior 2 is now available for free on (until October 6th, 2:15 PM UTC) as part of the 10th-anniversary celebrations of the store. The game won the community vote against Firewatch and SUPERHOT with 54% of the overall votes; for the record, Firewatch came second with 29% of the votes and SUPERHOT was third (and last, in this case) with 17% of the votes.

Dave reviewed the game when it first released on PC and heavily recommended, as you can glean from his summary below.

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It would be a struggle to not recommend Shadow Warrior 2, it’s just too glorious. Running, gunning and cutting down enemies is invigorating, and the action never lets up for even a second. The sense of humor isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but cutscenes and dialogue are always skippable – just in case you really want to get back into the action.

FPS fans, Shadow Warrior 2 is just brilliant, dumb, fun. You won’t regret investing your time and money in this raunchy and a bit outrageous shooter, believe me.

There are also other deals on for the 10th-anniversary. For example, you can find three collections of ‘must-play’ games at discounted prices:

The Timeless Essentials is all about the legends: Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper 2, System Shock 2, and Another World all for 5 USD.
The Art of Aging Gracefully collection features the unmissable Owlboy, Homeworld Remastered and Dragon Age: Origins at 10 USD.
• Last but far from least it’s The Modern Classics collection, set at 25 USD it will get you Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.