Several Samsung Galaxy S8 Units Suffering From High Battery Drain in Airplane Mode After Oreo Update

Anil Ganti
Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Update

As is with every major OS update, the Samsung Galaxy S8 got a host of new features with Android Oreo. Some of the features are really nice and make the wait nearly worth it. But, as is customary, with every major software update comes a grocery list full of problems. Some users stated that their devices slowed down significantly after the update, while others are reporting deteriorated battery life when the device is in airplane mode.

On Android Nougat, the average battery drain was found to be between 1-2 percent; on par with most devices with all forms of connectivity switched off. After the update, the battery drain was as high as 20 percent for several users, who took to the official Samsung forums and Reddit to find a solution. The forum moderators state that the company is aware of the issue, but no fix has been issued yet.

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The LTE modem appears to be at fault

The problem is by no means new with complaints about the excessive battery drain on airplane mode pouring in since early March. Not all units seem to be affected, and the problem appears to be limited to European variants of the device. We can only hope that a fix is sent out OTA with the April security patch, which the Galaxy S8 is yet to receive.

The usual fixes such as Factory resets and cache wipes haven’t helped in the slightest. It looks like the problem lies in the code for the phone’s LTE modem. Considering that the affected devices run Samsung's Exynos SoCs, this isn't something Samsung can shrug off easily. Some users reported that switching to 3G/2G network mode (from Settings » Connections » Mobile networks) before switching over to airplane mode has helped reduce the amount of battery drain on their device. Another workaround is to manually disable all connectivity options. Let us know in the comments below if you've experienced the problem on your Galaxy S8.

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