The Galaxy S8 Oreo Saga Ends With the Update Being Rolled Out for Unlocked Galaxy S8, S8+ Devices

Anil Ganti
Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Update

While the rest of the world has received the Oreo update for their Galaxy S8, S8 P+ devices quite some time ago, people in the US have had to wait a bit longer. As expected, people using carrier-locked devices in the United States received the update for the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ a few weeks ago. All four major carriers namely AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have since released the update. However, those who own an unlocked Galaxy S8 have had to wait, but now the wait is over. Samsung has finally released the Oreo update for the unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the United States. With this release, all Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 devices have are Oreo ready. Now, the next milestone is Oreo 8.1, which might be a while.

Samsung had promised a few days ago that it would release Oreo for all variants of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 in the US within the next couple of weeks and kept it, which is a bit of a rarity these days. The last remaining device was the unlocked Galaxy S8, as the unlocked Galaxy Note 8 began receiving its update yesterday. Samsung explained recently that the updates for unlocked variants arrive later than their carrier counterparts because the firmware has to go through additional testing to ensure proper functionality with all supported carriers whereas the firmware for carrier-locked units is tested for that particular carrier only.

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Samsung is now rolling out firmware version G950U1UEU2CRB9 and G955U1UEU2CRB9 for the unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the United States respectively. The update comes in at just over 1.3GB and brings all of the new features that are included in Android 8.0 Oreo and Samsung Experience 9.0, with none of the carrier bloatware (Samsung bloatware is still there, though). People using the unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ should expect notification about the update on their handsets soon. You can also try to manually pull the update by heading to the Software update menu in the Settings app.

Have you received the update on your unlocked Galaxy S8/S8+? Let us know in the comments below.

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