Several Nintendo NX Games Allegedly Being Worked On By Bandai Namco; Super Smash Launch Title


According to game industry consultant, Serkan Toto,  several NX titles are currently being worked on by Bandai Namco. Additionally, Super Smash Bro's is allegedly planned to be a launch title for Nintendo's new dedicated console.

Toto reports that his source are very solid, otherwise he wouldn't have Tweeted the 'news'.

A new Super Smash Bro's is said to be a launch title for the Nintendo NX, but whether this is a completely new title or merely a port, is unknown.

Bandai Namco has worked on numerous Nintendo titles in the past, including Super Smash Bro's for Wii U, which was co-developed by Sora LTD. Other titles include Dragonball Z, One Piece, Pac Man, and Project Treasure.

Nintendo has yet to officially reveal their new dedicated home console, codenamed NX. Back in March of this year, the late Satoru Iwata said that specifics and details about the NX will be revealed in 2016. According Iwata, Nintendo aims to surprise gamers with their console.

A few months ago, we reported that publisher EA will be "evaluating any and all opportunities” with Nintendo, as the Japanese company works towards the launch of the Nintendo NX. While EA decided to pull their Wii U support, things might be different with the NX around. “As we look to the future, we see a world where more people are playing on more platforms in more geographies than ever before. We see the platform cycle now, not just as a traditional six-year console cycle, but as a six-month refresh rate on mobile devices, smart TV’s, Internet-enabled refrigerators, or whatever it might be", EA’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Wilson, said during the company’s earnings call.

According Wilson, EA has had a tremendous relationship with Nintendo over the years, and they will “evaluate any and all opportunities” with Nintendo, in the same way that EA does with all platform opportunities.

We'll keep you updated when we learn more.