Set iPhone to Open Using Touch ID Without Pressing Home Button – iOS 10 Tips


Here's how you can set your iPhone to open using Touch ID only without having to press the Home button in iOS 10.

No More Fiddling with the Home Button to Get into Your iPhone's Lock Screen

At first glance, the lock screen in iOS 10 looks somewhat similar to what was being offered in iOS 9. But that's not quite true. Slide to Unlock is now gone and has been replaced with 'Press home to open.' What this means is, if you have a layer of Touch ID security in place, first of all you have to wake your device, rest your finger on Touch ID to authenticate, then press the Home button to view your home screen. That's one hell of a routine you have to follow in order to open up your iPhone.

What if we told you there's a way to remove that last Home button press? The one that takes you straight to the Home screen. What if you could just rest your finger on Touch ID and jump right into the Home screen just like old times? Well, you caught us on a very good day because that's exactly what we are going to show you today.


1. Unlock your device and go to Settings.

2. Scroll down a little and tap on 'General.'

3. Now tap on 'Accessibility.'

4. Scroll down a little more and tap on 'Home Button.'

5. Now simply move the 'Rest Finger to Open' toggle switch to the ON position.

You're done with all the legwork. All that's left now is for you to lock your device, wake it up using the Home or Power button, rest your finger on Touch ID, and watch in awe as your iPhone unlocks without pressing the Home button one more time.

Wrap Up

The 'Press home to open' move by Apple is somewhat understandable given how the left pane of the lock screen is now adorned by widgets. Hence a little reshuffling had to be done in order to accommodate the widgets. Speaking of which, you can disable them if you so wish, just be sure to follow our guide posted here: Here’s How to Disable Lock Screen Widgets in iOS 10.

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