See Ball, a VR Baseball Game Takes VR to Another Level


Do you enjoy sports games? Do you enjoy playing sports themselves? A new and very innovative take on the sports genre, called See Baseball, has been released by Coretec Co., Ltd. They're taking advantage of what VR has to offer to give you the best seat in the house, right on home plate.

See Baseball uses VR technologies to provide a better first person view of the game.

See Baseball is a simple game, more a tech demo, that lets you hit baseballs. The stadium is empty aside form the pitcher in front of you and the catcher and umpire behind you. The graphics are also decidedly low-tech despite using Unreal Engine 4, but that's okay because it's not the graphics that matter here. It works with both Oculus Rift development kits that have been released so far. You can find the tech demo on the Oculus VR Share (Beta) website.

You may not like baseball at all, I don't, but that's okay. It's not the specific sport that matters here, but the concept that they're showing and the implications it has. VR opens up a lot of new avenues for sports. No longer do you have to have a third person view commanding your favorite players, but instead you can become that star and see what they see while sweating away. Also, it has the potential to add a huge amount of interactivity.

With that interactivity may come new ways to interact with games via motion as well. I know that should I have a VR headset on, it's difficult to simply use a controller or keyboard and mouse to do anything in game. Quite honestly my hands have a tendency to want to perform some of those actions themselves. I want to hold the baseball bat and swing it. This could be a revolution, of sorts, for the motion controller. Already we've seen the synthesis of the Oculus Rift and the Kinect to make for a complete VR experience, and LEAP Motion has an attachment to be able to track hands and other objects,  so it stands to reason that one could add such features to the VR hardware itself. Wouldn't it be fun to have VR integrated peripherals?

The future of VR really can be exciting. The use of VR has so many different directions that it can go and an incredibly amount of uses. It's not like the 3D TV revolution where it only served as a gimmick, though it certainly isn't for everyone.