Seasonic Launches Three Fanless Power Supplies


Seasonic has launched three new power supplies under its Prime Fanless series, reports Fanless Tech. The company expanded its Prime Fanless TX line of 80 Plus Titanium-certified power supplies with a new 700-watt model called the Prime Fanless TX-700. This new fanless power supply beats out the previous top of the line unit which had a capacity of 600W. The older 600-watt power supply had made its debut back in 2017.

The TX-700 offers a substantial amount for features, all the while not having a fan installed

The TX-700 has fully modular cabling, with well over 95% efficiency with 230 VAC input, micro-tolerance load regulation (MTLR), APFC, this power supply also offers more common electrical protection when compared to other power supply. This power supply has a large amount of connectivity, and this power supply includes two 8-pin EPS, four 6+2 pin PCIe, and twelve SATA power connectors. This large amount of SATA connections make this power supply perfect for high storage computers. Seeing as this device is rated as an 80 Plus Titanium power supply, means that this power supply achieves a 94% efficiency at a 50% system load.

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Specifications for Seasonic's Prime Fanless series power supplies. (Image Credits: FanlessTech)

Seasonic also expanded the Prime Fanless PX line of 80 Plus Platinum certified PSUs, Seasonic has added a new 500-watt power supply as well as a 450-watt power supply. The Prime Fanless PX line offers mostly the same electrical feature-set as the Fanless TX series, but with around 93% efficiency at 230 VAC. These power supply also offer two 8-pin EPS connector, but you only get two 6+2 PCIe power and only eight SATA power connectors. Since these power supplies are certified as an 80 Plus Platinum power supply, they can achieve 92% efficiency at a 50% system load.

Seasonic is backing both the Prime Fanless TX and PX lines with an industry-leading 12-year product warranty. This very extended warranty is most likely supported even further by the fact that these power supply lines have no moving parts, being completely fanless makes the longevity of these power supplies fantastic when compared to other power supplies that do include moving parts.

Seasonic from the pages listed on their website has not released any pricing for the Prime Fanless TX-700, or either of the new Prime Fanless PX line of Power supplies.