Seasonic Launches Highly Innovative Seasonic Connect PSU Design At Computex 2019

The massive Seasonic 1600W 80+ Titanium PSU

Seasonic is one of the leading ODMs of PSUs out there and introduced something at Computex that truly solves a major pain point among DIY builders. Everyone here knows how hard it is to do cable management when you are dealing with a cramped PC - especially if the PSU is hidden behind a sleeve like in modern cases (NZXT for example). Seasonic has introduced the Seasonic Connect design - currently only available in 750W capacity - that essentially extends the PSU's IO port to the backside of the case and effectively solves that problem.

Seasonic Connect solves a major pain point for DIY builders with innovative extended IO design

I have wrestled with immaculately done cable management many times when trying to add on another power cable for an extra harddrive or two and know for a fact this would have made my life a lot easier. The Seasonic Connect design is currently limited to the Prime GX 750 PSU which is a 750W part with 80 PLUS Gold rating. This is a great part and is perfectly positioned for the mainstream market and considering the build quality of Seasonic PSUs will serve as the perfect pick for most builds in this segment.


According to the Seasonic representative that we met, the design actually handles some of the conversion (3V and 5V) inside the sleeve which apparently helps with a lossless extension. Right now, the company is just testing the markets and seeing if there is any demand for this kind of extended sleeve and will roll out higher powered (and lower powered designs) if it turns out to be the case.

They also had some other new PSU designs including an insanely powerful 1600 Watts 80 Plus Titanium monstrosity for the completely decked out build out there. For the fanless fans (pardon the pun) they had a 700W PSU in a completely passively cooled design that still managed to retain its 80 Plus Titanium rating.


Finally, they also had a completely modular 800 Watts 80+ Platinum design for the SFX L form factor fans for those extra tiny builds. This PSU is capable of handling the high loads and power requirements of a high end build while keeping the footprint of the power supply to an absolute minimum. All in all, seems like Seasonic is continuing on its track of being by far one of the best power supply manufacturers around.

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