Sea of Thieves Insider Programme Will Give Early Access to Lucky Pirates


Eager swashbucklers inquire within. Learn how you can become a Sea of Thieves insider and have early access to Microsoft and Rare's online pirate game.

Members of the Insider Programme with early access will have access to the highly-anticipated Microsoft exclusive title. Insiders will also get a special forum badge and will help steer the ship, so to speak, in terms of gameplay and design as Rare is relying on their input.

We recently found out that Sea of Thieves will be incorporating procedural elements into their existing quest system to allow a nearly endless amount of playable maps. It makes sense that an ambitious online game, especially one this unique, would need to take in feedback from the community. This would ensure that all of its mechanics are fair, balanced and most importantly, work come launch.

Bobby 'Death Beard' Lamirande, Engagement Manager at Rare shared his enthusiasm in a Sea of Thieves blog post earlier this week:

We’re excited to be taking this first step in getting the community more involved and plan to run the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme through all phases of our game’s development. We expect that feedback from our trusted Insiders will continue to shape the experience through these phases and will lead us to new and exciting adventures together.

Sea of Thieves will launch for Windows 10 and Xbox One in 2017, though there is no mention of a release date window yet. Interested parties can sign up for the Insider Programme right here and fill out a short survey. There's an NDA attached to signing up, so even if you can get in, no posting of any screenshots or video is allowed during your time in testing. Here's hoping at least some of us can captain a pirate ship and look for some booty.