There’s Still Science To Do With New Portal 2 Map Creator

If you thought Portal 2 has been forgotten by Valve then you are sorely mistaken, after releasing the first free DLC last year titled " Peer Review" which added additional and more challenging courses to the game for players to tackle but the love for Portals goes on a year later as Portal 2 will be getting a new DLC Titied ""Perpetual Testing Initiative" Which is basically Steam Workshop for Portal allowing players to create their own custom maps for other players to solve, so pick up your portal guns and put on those long fall boots because we aren't even close to finished with this game yet!

Portal 2 was one of the best games of 2011 without a doubt and when Valve promised to keep pushing out free DLC for the game they took their time but they eventually kept their promise and voila, we got "Peer Review" which was a super difficult set of maps and even with a funny ending but Valve has decided that they should hand over the power of creation to the players instead so players won't need to rely on Valve anymore for constant new maps.

Steam Workshop will let players create their own Portal 2 levels and make them available for other players to solve, this is an interesting initiative from Valve as always and it is sure to increase the life of the game more than ever now, this is especially good news for the PC fans of the game who are looking to dust off this gem and continue collection science collaboration points.

The Pack will launch on May 8th for the PC and you can be sure that the DLC will definitely make this more active than ever.

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