Satechi Has a New Type-C USB Hub That Features All the Ports You Could Ever Need for the 2016 MacBook Pro

2016 MacBook Pro

Even though the Thunderbolt 3 ports on the 2016 MacBook Pro models have a lot of throughput and versatility, you will still need to pair it with a dongle if you want to take advantage of all that bandwidth hidden underneath those ports. Fortunately, Satechi has announced a brand new Type-C USB hub for all MacBook Pro variants featuring Thunderbolt 3 ports by outfitting it with every single port you could have a use for.

Satechi’s New Type-C USB Hub Is an Expensive Addition to the MacBook Pro, But After Looking at What It Offers, You Will Not Be Able to Deny Its Convenience

The lack of Type-A USB ports and SD card slot will make it difficult for creative professionals and regular users to connect peripherals and other storage paraphernalia thanks to this change. With the latest Satechi Type-C USB hub, that compatibility issue is going to be the least of your concern, but you will have to deal with the extended length which will be created after you plug in the dongle in the portable machine.

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As for which ports you will be getting in return for your troubles, those have been listed below.

  • Single Thunderbolt 3 port
  • Single HDMI port
  • Two USB 3.0 ports
  • One Type-C USB port
  • One SD card reader (a microSD card can also be inserted)

Now coming to the most important detail of all, the price tag. For $99.99, it is definitely steep for users who have already spent a small fortune in obtaining a 2016 MacBook Pro. Still, this will become my preference for future notebooks because it does not feature a physical connection, meaning that it will last longer since cables normally wear out with time.

Do you think that this is the perfect bridge to help you get rid of the port compatibility issues with the MacBook Pro? Tell us what you think down in the comments.

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